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Extraordinary Afro Beat Groove from Nepal

Hi, this one is from Nepal.

If you love afro beat or funk, this is highly recommended.

The funk music performed, overseeing the Annapurna Temple in Asan Chawk, Katmandu, the capital of Nepal.
The movie is beautiful, and you can get the feel of Nepal’s daily life.

The leader of the band, Navin Chettri(Vo, Dr) formed ”CadenzaCollective” in 1998.
This afro beat, funk, jazz band now represents Nepal’s music scene.

“Back to the Roots” released last year, won ”Hits FM Music Awards”’s Best Pop/Rock Album of the Year” on ”Hits FM”, Nepal’s popular radio station.

This is super duper cool.

I can’t wait to hear their next work! This is once in a while favorite! Please check out this afro beat from Nepal!

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