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Written by Mr.Sommelier

A Female Electro Singer with Various Charm.

She has been actively performing globally, including Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid, in 2011 the first achievement as a Chinese artist, and Sakifo Musik Festival held in Reunion Island.

It seems like she is constantly on several projects, devoting herself to music.

Today, out of her recent works, I would like to introduce my favorites.

A neo soul track produced by Gavintoo in the vein of Erykah Badu.

The next is from”Hamacide + ChaCha”, a collaboration of a Japanese American producer, ”Hamacide” .

Remixed by Yosi Horioka, who has been worldly acclaimed for his music style based on environmental sound.

From “AM444” , one of her main projects, produced by a Dutch producer, Jay.Soul.


This one’s is the track updated most recently on “AM444” Facebook.

If you are in to R&B, Soul, Abstract, Ambient, I’m sure you’ll dig this sound!


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