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Conehead 錐頭
Written by Mr.Sommelier

Simple Break Beat. Taiwanese Beat-maker “Conehead”

I would like to introduce a Taiwanese beat-maker “Conhead”.
His main battle field is set in “SoundCloud”.

A track from a compilation album.

It’s in the vein of “Jazz Hip Hop” of “The Sound Providers”, and “Nujabes & Shing02”’s “Luv(sic)” series with the spice of J-Silla, making it sound even more unique.

“Absense / Pendulum”

”Conehead”’s own loop philosophy is here and there in this track.


As far as I know, he has released from his own web-label “Sons of the Sweet Potato”‘s compilation album and tracks from “Dark Paradise Records”’s compilation album”派樂黛F1 哲人之石”. Other than that, most of his works are on SoundCloud/BandCamp.


I love his time feel even though the loop is made of simple kicks, snares, high hats and samples.


-Conehead 錐頭-
Sons of the Sweet Potato

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