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Delicious Grapefruits Moon

©Delicious Grapefruits Moon
©Delicious Grapefruits Moon
Written by Mr.Sommelier

An Acoustic Band led by Chie Hamasaki. Ultimate Melody Line and Comfortable Beat.

Chie sings in soft and clear voice over smooth acoustic sound. Delicious Grapefruits Moon is a singer-songwriter based in Yokohama and Shonan, Chie Hamasaki’s solo project inviting support musicians.

Listening to her, you can picture a cafe by the coast side, surf shop,and horizon over the ocean.
Her music is in the vein of Norah Jones’ smooth and slow music, or relaxing laid-back music by Jack Johnson and Tristan Prettyman.

“Yume to Kemuri” released in January 2014 from her 1st mini album”Night Rainbow”

The band has been buzzed mainly in Yokohama, appearing in Ringo Music Festival 2015 held in Nagano Alps Park and playing the live-performance audio on J-WAVE “Mercedes-Benz Music Factory “

She has been collaborating with various artists. She is an artist to watch.

-Delicious Grapefruits Moon-
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