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elrino. ridho. rizki.
Written by Mr.Sommelier

Highly Recommended for Fans of Jamiroquai and John Mayer. Pop Trio from Jakarta.

I feel like I’ve said it all in the title, but this article introduces you ”elrino. ridho. Rizki.” from Jakarta, Indonesia, a sophisticated pop trio mixing icid jazz, funk and pop.


I was so amazed at the first listen by the sophisticated vocal and the fine band ensemble. The playing technique sounds more of studio musicians than that of band players. They sure are musically educated.


They released their first full album on “Better Wait Than Never” on April 2015 on iTunes/AppleMusic.
Their music variety ranges from country, Spanish rock, and jazz.
Last but not the least, please enjoy the cover version of Bob Marley’s masterpiece ”Waiting in Vain”.


The harmony on the first half is so breathtaking.
I simply can’t believe they only have 320 likes on Faceboo, 62 followers on Twitter. Too few for such an amazing band!

-elrino. ridho. rizki.-

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