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Hidden Nikki
Written by Mr.Sommelier

A Happy Pop Quartette from Philippines

Hidden Nikki is a pop band from Manila , Philippines, creating pop songs with catchy melody over jazz-ish arrangement , which shares some melancholic em element with JPOP.


This beautiful clip has been made with 5,590 photos and 7 handmade dolls and 7 miniature set. The warmth from the handmade settings and the world of lyrics go well together.

They used be a cover band of an Australian alternative band “SILVER CHAIR”. After a several member changes they settled on the existing member. (reference: LAST FM)

They released their first album “Found” from a Philippine rock indie label “Terno Recordings”.

You can totally hear their jazz influence in the pop songs since they mention a UK jazz singer ,Jamie Cullum and Michael League’s Snarky Puppy as their inspiration.

This is the ultimate christmas song. ”Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

-Hidden Nikki-
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