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New Breeze into Taiwanese Music Scene. An Electric Trip with Unique Artistic World.

Check out their self-titled EP, which came out on August 13th ,”JADE EYES”.

Highly recommended!

“Flawless Chaos”

JADE EYES” is an electric band based in Taiwan.

The trip consists of two women and one man, Ling qing (Vocal/ DrumBeats,DJ), Ren bo (Vocal/ Synthesizer&Bass), and Yi xuan (Guitar).

They feature lightly distorted electric guitar and bass sound over laptop and sampling music. The music is based on CillOut/DownTempo, but the looseness of the acoustic sound and male-female harmony makes their music so addictive.

This is definitely my favorite. It starts off like a top 40 from 3,4 years ago with rap but then it leads you to an emotional level.

“紅色的牆(Red Wall)”

I thought rapper would come in but it wasn’t what I expected.

An alternative guitar sound with Brostep arrangement and WobbleBass.

“山上的人(Mountain Man)”

In some parts, they sound rough, but I personally dig them. Impulse can go beyond borders.

It’s inspired by electronica and EDM but still uniques almost like don’t care about the top 40 hit song theory. I think they’re gonna be big. If you think it’s just a synth pop band, go to Apple Music.

If you like Paellas, whom I recently introduced, this band is highly recommended.

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