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Innovative Groove By Good Melody

“A bund creates music to be passed down the next 30 years from Japan.”

Today’s band of introduction is “Japones.”  The above is their catchphrase.
The sound of the drum of Gorguts pleasant is surrounded by sounds from bass, guitar, and a pleasant singing voice.

It gives me a comfortable feeling like I was floating lightly in the sea.

A music they created is obviously different from other lately band’s, isn’t it? They mix sounds that remind me a starting point of Japanese rock sense which is totally in my taste.  Their first album “American Style” will be released on June 24.(Making music video below)

Seems they have recorded that at a dry river bed I wonder if this take would officially adopt in CD…A train run close just behind them while they were recording!! Rock’n roll!!

I pay respect that they are particular using a microphone, during their recoding even though there are many easier ways such as using an only electric computer. I am looking forward to them growing up, and how they will implement as their catchphrase. Don’t take your eyes off the band’s activities!

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