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Written by Mr.Sommelier

The best groove and falsetto. Tokyo Indie Scene’s Most Notable Band!

Hello, everyone! This is Mr. Sommelier.

I would like to introduce a unique band from Japanese underground scene.

The band name is Kukatachii

The band name is hard to understand even for a Japanese, but I heard it’s from a shamanism trial that used to be done.

This band is quite interesting with a rough band sound based on acid jazz and spiced up with Michael Jackson before boiling in the soup of J-pop sense. Mmmm, hard to convey the concept!

Just check this out.

The band’s charm lies in the way they mix each members’ musicalities and theirs is pretty unique. The “mix” in “I don’t want to be getting old “ is pretty exciting.

In terms of acid jazz, it’s more of Jamiroquiai or Maroon5 than Brand New Heavies or Incognito’s jazz fusion. It’s exactly my taste when the melody goes in and out of falsetto.

Check out the video , too!

MOSAiC in Shimokitazawa is their base venue. Their music may stand out in this area.

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