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The Japanese Funk Rock Hero, Kukatachii Released a New Single!

Kukatachii”, an AcidJazz/FunkRock whom I introduced previously released a long-awaited single called “Die in the summer ft Ryo Takahashi” on August 1st.



For this album they took some distance from their signature band sound on tight groove, and instead expanded their musicality into synth dance tracks.

“Die in the summer ft Ryo Takahashi”  Trailer

“Die in the summer ft Ryo Takahashi”(Short Ver.)

Yes! The vocalist,Yamada’s melody sense is just as good as ever. The balance that goes between Jpop and contemporary R&B is top notch whether indie or major. The edgy head voice is completely shown off this time.

The single is download only but at the CD release party, they sold exclusive CDs with B-side “By my name(acoustic ver)”. The B-side is pretty good, too.

Can’t wait to introduce their first EP “A hurray”. Stay tuned!

Kukatachii OfficialWebsite

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