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Kurumi Hayama

Written by Mr.Sommelier

A Girl is Challenging Task to Write Creative Lyrics

Hi, folks

I am Mr. Sommelier. Though, I don’t like a wine very much.
Anyway, I introduce a peculiarity of musician from the Japanese indie scene today.
The musician name is Kurumi Hayama.

I’ve been a fan of hers since I saw her on the internet.
She has based her activities in Osaka as a singer with the piano.
I wanted to see her live concert with my own eyes though, unfortunately she currently poses her activity…
Hopefully, her activities get back in the near future.

Her changing musical arrangement and creative lyrics had an attraction for me.
The song below brings out the best in her’s.
※A meaning of the title on the song is “A girls’ depression”

The song below is also my favorite.

I feet the theme of her songs have an inferiority complex.
She is different from other singer-songwriters who push us hard lyrics like “energy”or “sympathy”easily.
On the other hands, Her lyrics are like precarious words in a diary which means pretty realistic lyrics.
Am I only person feeling a rock style from her?
Again, I would love to see her live concerts with my own eyes one day.

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