Layur is a solo project by an Indonesian musician, ”Febriann Mohammad”.

The unique world of Layur is made up of Acoustic, ambient and Shoegazer Music.

It sounds like he added some vocals to what originally was an in-store live performance in order to rearrange the tune.


The ensemble of the vila and cello is superb. The build up toward the end brings me goosebumps.

Somehow I felt something in common with Japanese music scene and found out Layur released an EP “”Selftitled”” from a Japanese ambient music label ”totokokolabel”.

Please enjoy an ambient tune that fills up the space with grace.

This is a cover version of “Bon Iver” led by Justim Vernon, who is going on to an Asian tour.

Last but not the least, this is a great collaboration with ”Rinandi” an Indonesian songwriter.


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