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Pop Music Junkies Have Appeared One After Another

Why does music feel so good?

In Japan, the compact disc is still king. Music industries of that still account over 80% in the Japanese music market. An article about this appeared in “The New York Times” last year.

But nowadays, the music industries are treated by streaming service. As famous as big internet services companies, “CyberAgent” and “Avex group” have launched “AWA”; the subscription type music distribution service , May 27, 2015. Then, too,  “Apple music” has been launched by “Apple”, Jun 30. Furthermore, “LINE” the number of registered about 50 million users of the chat-app has officially announced the launch of the on-demand music subscription service “LINE MUSIC,” for Android and iPhone devices Jun 11. I can’t take my eyes away from a business trend of Japanese music industry .
Meanwhile, turning Japan around has become for the global music business, this band: NEIGHBOURHOOD had released an album of 7-inch EP record.

It’s likely to come out even in dreams…

NEIGHBOURHOOD was formed by Kawana (Guitar/Vocal),  Ayu (Vibraphone/Percussion/Chorus), and  Kazuhisa Mashiko (Bass/Chorus).
Based on UKG, intriguing mix up of different styles and genres, and to be have appeared pop music junkies one after another. Quite simply, NEIGHBOURHOOD is not to be missed from now on.

Kwanzaa(Guitar/Vocal) did an interview about their overview and a feeling toward to release the 7-inch EP record when they had released that.


At this time, the record was put on sale for a limited time…WHY DIDN’T THEY SELL THAT MORE!!…Anyhow, you can check their music from the link here.
Lastly, my favourite their song below.

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