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Ourselves the Elves
Written by Mr.Sommelier

Philippines’ Folk Band that Deserves the Title of “High Quality Garage Sound”

I would like to introduce a 4 piece garage folk band from Manila, Philippines.

EP”Geography Lessons” , released last year is quite a masterpiece.

This was made as a sound track for a short film “Lisyun Qng Geografia”, featuring medium tempo song, which creates best chemistry with Lo-Fi garage sound. The album shows the variety of garage sound featuring old tremolo, string, and trumpet, beyond the genre of garage folk.

Aly Cabral’s husky vocal has become more prominent, making the band stand out in the scene. I’m so addicted to this 4 song-album.

Live footage from ”Geography Lessons”. Acoustic performance sounds different from the recording.

There are some similar elements with Tempalay, such as Lo-Fi sound and 60’s revivalLo-fi. I’m sure quite a few people will love this band.

The last not the least is from an EP” It’ll Be Alright”, released in 2013.

-Ourselves the Elves-
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