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Their music reminds you of original “ElectoroPop/SynthPop” such as early NewOrder

Another promising upcoming band appeared.

Listen to the introvert and raw vocal.

Their music reminds you of original “ElectoroPop/SynthPop” such as early NewOrder, Depeche Mode or David Bowie around when he released Berlin Trilogy.

Edgy guitar cutting and synth pads over 8 beat synth bass sound with its time feel and song structure sound more than just the revival of the 80’s. So addictive.

A few more tunes from their SoundCloud. “Cat Out” represents the “club music” side of theirs.

My favorite remix of “Cat Out”.

Medium funky tune. “Golden Eye”

The chord progression is supposed to make the song major and open but there’s some darkness to it when they play it. This proves their songwriting skill as a band.

Here comes our Joy Division!
“ Love Will Tear Us Apart”

Though I briefly introduced their songs, if you want to dig more details and interviews, visit this link.(paellas,Mikiki)

It’s been a while since I last got so excited about a band’s new sound and it’s future. Can’t wait to hear the second album.

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