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Peepal Tree
Written by Mr.Sommelier

An alternative Rock from India with a Mixture of Kanada, Hindi and English.

Today, I would like to focus on India, a land of charm and 1.2 billion people, which I’ve been trying to dig deeper.

Peepal Tree is an alternative rock band from Bangalore in Karnataka, called a Indian Silicon Valley, where so many Internet company are based.

This tune features the unique vocal flips with funky cutting guitar.

This is such an interesting mixture of alternative rock, pop and funk with the lyric written in Kannada, Hindi and English. The musical approach is close to that of Cooler Shaker. But I prefer Peepal Tree.

The band members themselves are top notch studio musicians, film score composer, back ground singers, other than being Peepal Tree.

This sounded so fresh, pushing the boundary inside of me as a Japanese.

The deeper I dig, the more talents I should discover in India.

I will keep digging India’s indie scene.

-Peepal Tree-
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