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Prateek Kuhad
Written by Mr.Sommelier

The Most Noted Singer-songwriter in India’s Indie Scene.

Prateek Kuhad is a singer-songwriter from Jaipur, India.
The first EP” Raazi” released in 2013was highly acclaimed in Insia’s indie scene, which led to the performance at one of the major rock festivals “Bacardi NH7 Weekender” and ”Ziro Festival of Music” held in Ziro Plateau.

The long awaited full album In Tokens & Charms” was released this January.

The guitar sounds like country music and the sweet voice is so easy on the ear. My personal favorite singer-songwriter.

My favorite from s” In Tokens & Charms”

Throughout the album, most of the songs are mellow with acoustic guitar sound but still pretty groovy.

The latest upload on Soundcloud.

Prateek Kuhad is known in indie scene in India.

-Prateek Kuhad-
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