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Slow Spin
Written by Mr.Sommelier

Co-existence of World Music, Cill Wave and Experimental.

This female singer-track maker is from Karachi , the capital of Pakistan, mixing the view of the world music, Cill Wave and Witch House music

Not so much in for available again except for the released tracks, but you will never be disappointed.

Just like a ceiling fan that stirs up te air slowly, her music changes the color of the space step by step. That was my impression on her tracks.

She has released 3 Eps since 2013, the latest one from hear noe records in US.
Each EP shows her view of the world pretty well.

From her latest EP“Between Shadows in Water”

The two songs below sound a bit different from the others but highly recommended.

The first one is a co-write with a track-maker from Karach, “nawksh”.
The combinaton of the tension and flow invades your brain.

Without the steady rhythm such as steady high hat sound, her arrangement is full of tension and excitement, sounding experimental and exotic like FAK Twigs or Kelela.

-Slow Spin-
Bandcamp(Between Shadows in Water)

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