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Sulk Station
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Unique Sound mixing India’s traditional music and Ambient

Unique Sound mixing India’s traditional music and Ambient

Sulk Station is an alternative band from Bangalore, where ” Peepal Tree” in the previous post is from.

A singer-songwriter, Tanvi Rao, and a music producer, and DJ, Rahul Giri uniquely mix up India’s traditional music and electric music such as trip hop or ambient.

My first impression was “This is a kind of music I would like to listen to with my eyes closed”.

Their sound is like a landscape described with Indian traditional melody over ambient, drone and noise music.
This is a collaboration with ”The Storm Factory”. You can enjoy the artistic performance with visual arts.

There’s only one full album released in 2012, “Till you appear”, but ” Aur Nahi”’s new version is included in ”dimmSummer Presents: Revolution Rising Volume 2” released by ”High Chai Recordings” in NY.

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