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Tetsuya Shimogawa

Written by Mr.Sommelier

”A former business man” singer Tetsuya Shimogawa

Tetsuya Shimogawa is a singer-songwriter born in Hyogo prefecture, raised in Chiba.
He quit his day job when he was 25 years old, starting music. To be exact, he picked up his guitar and started playing at the age of 25.

His battlefield has been on the street, playing 5 or 6 times a month and his fan base is ever expanding.

He released his second EP “Mirai he”, and he is going to have his first solo show at Astro Hall on November 22nd.

Music industry is ever changing. The world keeps asking for youth.

Come to think of it, the age of 25 is not considered as young. Industry-wise, explaining maybe he had already lost his youth-charm when he started.


However, look what’s happening.

So many people are inspired by Tetsuya Shimogawa’s songs and come to listen to his songs. Just earnestly, he sings his heart out. And his sincereness brings more fans to him.

He cultivates his roots in the concept of “delivering the song”. There will come bigger stages for this former businessman-singer-songwriter.”


-Tetsuya Shimogawa-

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