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Enormous Talent from Beijing! Ultimate Nostalgic Trip Hop/Alternative R&B

Today, Let me introduce ” ZHI16” , an upcoming track-maker from Beijing, China. A friend of mine highly recommended this track via email, and checked it out. That was to the core of my taste. Let’s check it out together.

The track is mixed with nostalgic sample and phrases that are inspired from China, turned into an ultimate Trip Hop/ Alternative R&B.

As always, not so much on the profile is know.

It looks like ” ZHI16” has been active for about a year since the songs have been featured on compilations from a Chinese dance music label ”Project Sync Records”.

” ZHI16” might still be quite young.

As the new year begins, ” ZHI16” released and EP ”Can’t Stay Here No More”from Beijing’s DJ/Track-maker’s label ”do hits”.

Howie Lee”, who is close with a Chinese MC “BOHAN PHOENIX” has also released as one of the “do hits”’s organizer.

The compilation “do this” series is not the only thing to check out in Chinese scene.


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