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New Hero for Shonen Jump!

Yujiro Koyama (Writer) Yee Pyao (Project Concept)


Shonen Jump +” is an e-book online website distributed by Shuei Sha, the publisher of Shonen Jump.
This is the uniquely most prominent one.

It’s a story of Age Taro trying to become an established “Pork cutlet chef and DJ”. The mysterious power grabs your guts and lures you in.

There are standard lines among fans.
No matter I be cookin’ meat or droppin’ beat!!

I’m not becoming a Pork cutlet chef because I want to eat it. Not DJing because I want to dance in the club!!I just want to heat up the floor! The pork!

He is one of the purest soul in Shonen Jump history.
My personal favorites are VJ Eizo Komatsunagi, who appears from the 40th episodes.

Hard to believe he makes the audience virtually experience how pork is turned into a cutlet.

Shugo Ninkutsu , hand-wipe deliverer, is pretty much to my taste.

He explains chill out.


“Tonkatsu DJ Age Taro” is up on the rise in domestic market. Just try reading. You will be urged to dance at clubs.

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