Yogensha Pippi預言者ピッピ-1-地下沢-中也/dp/487257768X預言者ピッピ-1-地下沢-中也/dp/487257768X
Written by Devilchoco

A World Which Maps out All about Humans. A shocking Sci-fi Masterpiece.

・Nakaya Chikazawa
・East Press

The first volume came out in 2007 and the second in 2011.

I have only read 2 volumes but I feel as if I had already read 5 volumes since the story is so deep.

The characteristics of this work is “the planned story”.

The futuristic story outline is based on scientific fact and it’s almost scary to read.

【Story Outline】

“It means we figured out all the human future”. Is the prophecy a gospel or what?

Pippi is a robot that can predict earthquakes and designed to help people from disasters. Pippi grows up with her friend Tamio, and decides to pause herself after a shocking incident. When she wakes up again, she makes a dreadful prophecy.(Quote: eBookJapan)


Most of the sci-fi story sets in the future but this one starts from the boarder line, which makes it easy to get into the story.ピッピピッピ


If you have ever been interested in prophecy, this is highly recommended. The world this author is trying to describe will surely inspire various media including novels and movies.

This sure is a Sci-Fi masterpiece representing the new possibility of comic books.

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I Love traveling abroad and reading comic books.

Dots turn into the drawing.
The drawing gets connected with the story, becoming a comic book.
The 2-D world goes beyond the borders and generations to reach us, readers.
This is what I would like to accomplish on Asian-port.

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